Inca, the Spectacled owl, has become a fast favorite amongst Animal Embassy students and program participants. Children, and adults, are fascinated by her beauty and enjoy learning about her native habitat of Mexico, Central America and parts of South America, including Peru.

Spectacled owls (Pulsatrix perspicillata) are primarily nocturnal but will also hunt during the day. Some owls are strictly diurnal (active during the day), or crepuscular, hunting both at dawn and dusk.

Spectacled owls have specially adapted eyesight to help them see well at night.

Like all raptors, which include hawks, eagles, falcons, ospreys and owls, Spectacled owls have substantial talons. These talons are lethal weapons and effective hunting tools.

Inca has spectacular features which help Animal Embassy educators teach about animal adaptations and how these adaptations help animals to survive in their particular habitats.

Above, Inca has a routine beak trim.

Chris, Animal Embassy director & founder, and Inca, just after the beak trim/procedure. The hold Chris has on Inca is a gentle restraint to protect her wings and keep her still for the procedure.

Above, a few of Inca’s baby pictures!

Inca's socialization process began with dinners at Chris’ parents and friends houses, trips to farmers markets and preschool programs. As a result, Inca is very comfortable around people and in diverse settings. 

Above, Inca and Luna, Chris’ German Shepherd, enjoy a trip to the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Pound Ridge, NY.

Above, Inca makes an appearance at a Stamford school enrichment program entitled “Rainforest Rendezvous.” Inca is one of a number of Animal Ambassadors that is part of this program in which we teach children about the four major tropical rainforest regions of the world.

Above, a student has learned to handle Inca during our winter Budding Zoologist program.

Above, a student in our summer hands-on Keeper in Training program handles Inca.


Inca is an amazing Animal Ambassador and does an awesome job to help us connect children, adults and seniors to the natural world!

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