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Animal Embassy Featured on News 12, Bronx, NY


Students in the Bronx who are visually impaired are working with animals to help them feel more comfortable.

The program is being used at the Lavelle School for the Blind in Williamsbridge.

Organizers say students get the chance to…


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Alisa takes Big Red, Cumbia & Sydney to the Vet

Big Red, Cumbia and Sydney had a big day last week at the vet. Big Red & Cumbia, female & male Red Foot Tortoises, as well as Sydney the Ecelctus Parrot had nail & beak trims. They were all good patients and we are grateful to Dr. Charles Duffy & his wonderful staff at Norwalk Veterinary Hospital.…


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Exotic Pet Ownership Tips

An important part of our mission is to educate families about proper pet ownership decisions, inclusive of the fact that caring for exotic animals can be challenging, time-consuming and a long-term commitment. As many of you know, most of our Animal Ambassadors are former exotic pets and came to us from families that could no longer care for them. Exotic pet ownership can…


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Get Outdoors!

There is so much to learn, see and do outdoors! We encourage our followers to embrace the outdoors and visit parks, forests, nature preserves locally, nationally and abroad. Hiking spots are plentiful in our area and this summer we have been busy hiking, traveling and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Pictured above is Meeker Swamp from the viewing…


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Summers on Long Island Sound

One of the highlights of our summer is always the opportunity to work with summer campers on the beach. We have a varied curriculum and we include a number of activities and topics related to marine biology, conservation and marine life.…


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2017 Special Species Symposium at Cornell University

Chris, our Director, observed Earth Day this year with a weekend at the Special Species Symposium coordinated by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's Zoo and Wildlife Society.

This annual symposium  brings together students and professionals interested in veterinary medicine and animal management as it relates to “special species,”…


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A Day in the Life of an Animal Care Specialist

At Animal Embassy, we provide a home for over 100 exotic animals, most of whom were former pets who could no longer be cared for by their families. Caring for exotic animals requires a significant commitment of time and resources. Also necessary is an in-depth knowledge of proper animal husbandry (techniques for management and care of exotic…


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Meet our Newest Animal Ambassador

We recently adopted Quilliam, an African Crested Porcupine (Hystrix cristata), and he is well on his way to becoming an amazing ambassador for wildlife! In the photo above, Quilliam attends his first large event with Chris, our director & founder.…

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All About Amphibians

Amphibians are a fascinating classification of creatures that include toads, frogs, salamanders, newts and caecilians (limbless, serpentine amphibians). There are more than 6,000 species of amphibians living today, but many face threats to their survival.

Most amphibians have a permeable, thin skin that helps them to breathe. Oxygen easily passes…


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Our Summer in Photos

Summer is always an incredibly busy, and exciting, time for us. We visit summer camps, libraries, participate in community events and we offer beach/intertidal zone programming. We travel and cover a lot of ground! We hope you will enjoy these photos of some of the children, and adults, we have had the opportunity to meet along the way. One of the most rewarding…


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Art & Animal Embassy

Alex, our summer volunteer, has beautifully captured the form and spirit of several of our Animal Ambassadors with her art work. Please enjoy the stunning likeness of each of these incredible creatures. All drawings are by Alex Vatis.

Above, Inca the Spectacled Owl.…


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The Remarkable Mata Mata by Illustrator Lindsey Leigh

Created by Illustrator Lindsey Leigh.

Lindsey’s designs are inspired by folklore and mythology,…


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Marine Ecology Rocks!

Each year we bring Marine Ecology & Biology to life with classroom visits. Our programming includes a diversity of marine specimens - from male & female lobsters, crabs, sea stars and sea urchin, as well as sponge, like the Red Bearded Sponge pictured above.…


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All in a Day at Animal Embassy

Our Animal Care team is a tight knit group of caring, compassionate professionals. We all havea strong commitment to education, the community, wildlife and the environment.…


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Wild in the Woods

Above: Wild Mushrooms (Chicken of the Woods) along the trail at Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut


It is easy to overlook nature in one of its most beautiful forms - fungi! Take the time to seek out these often striking diminutive works of art.


Mushrooms are the fleshy, fruiting body of a fungus. Most fungi are found on…


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Take a hike in every season

Every season brings new outdoor opportunities. Hiking is one of the best ways to get connected to the natural world! Take the time to renew & refresh your spirit by getting outside. Whether hiking solo, or with family & friends, you're bound to discover something new.…


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Global Diversity & Education

At the recent Waterside Works Diversity Fest in Stamford, Connecticut, we reflected on the importance of educating children about diversity, and what diversity means for all of us. At Animal Embassy, we believe that positive portrayals of global diversity help people of all ages learn to respect and appreciate all…


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Investigating the Intertidal Zone

The intertidal zone is also known as the area above water at low tide and under water at high tide (i.e. the area between tide marks). This area encompasses many different types of habitats, with a diversity of wildlife, such as starfish, sea urchins, and numerous species of coral. …


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All About Reptiles

A wide diversity of adopted & rescued reptiles call Animal Embassy home. Most are former exotic pets whose families could no longer care for them. We provide a nurturing and nourishing home for these animals, while incorporating them into our educational outreach programming. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our most interesting & beautiful Animal…


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All About Mammals

Animal Embassy provides a loving and caring home for a number of adopted and rescued small mammals. They all play an important role in our educational programming and are an integral part of our family. Because small mammals are widely accepted as cute & cuddly, families often choose these furry creatures as pets. It is always advisable to fully research the needs…


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