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Animal Embassy brings the natural world to people of all ages, abilities and varying needs. Our professional educators, along with incredible Animal Ambassadors from around the globe, will travel to provide live animal experiences for your community. We are experienced in providing enriching encounters to senior centers, senior residences, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities and groups comprised of members with special needs - all in a safe & nurturing environment.

Provide your community with an enriching experience with one of the following innovative programs:

Around the World with Animal Embassy

Animal Embassy will take participants on a journey from the rainforests of South America to the plains of Africa. Zoology will meet geography as we learn about animals and the diverse habitats in which they live. We’ll explore the tools they need to survive in rainforests, deserts, grasslands and more. Live Animal Ambassadors will include animals such as an African Hedgehog, a Red-footed Tortoise, a Monk Parakeet, a Central American Milk Snake, a Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula, a Chinese Water Dragon and Australian White’s Tree Frogs. Animal Embassy enables people of all ages to connect with the natural world with this unforgettable, live animal presentation!


Nature’s Architects

Be amazed by the talents of a diverse group of Animal Ambassadors that build complicated structures. In nature, many creatures contribute to the success of others by building homes and creating places to rear their young. We’ll study the architectural feats of nest building, burrow making and web spinning as well as how structures created by some animals help others to survive. Meet live Animal Ambassadors such as a Red- Foot Tortoise, a Monk Parakeet, a Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula, an Argentinian Horned Frog and an African Porcupine. We will also see artifacts including Bird & Paper Wasp nests. 

Animals on the Move

Like humans, animals have many methods of locomotion. We get from place to place by walking, running, flying on airplanes and driving in cars. Some of us use other methods to move around such as wheelchairs, scooters and bicycles. Animals too have a variety of ways to get where they need to go! Animals swim, glide, dig, slither, climb, jump and hop. They move for many reasons such as to find food and to escape predators. The ability to move is often essential to their survival. We will meet Animal Ambassadors representing different methods of locomotion such as an African Hedgehog, an Alligator Snapping Turtle, an Indian Peahen, a White’s Tree Frog and an Indian Sand Boa.

Colors & Patterns of the Animal Kingdom

Like people, animals come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The vibrant colors and patterns found in the Animal Kingdom show not only the beauty of all living things, but also serve to help animals survive in their habitats. Colors can send a warning to potential predators, attract a mate, and regulate an animal’s temperature. Patterns aid an animal with camouflage and with mimicry of more dangerous species. Participants will learn about these diverse colors and patterns and what they mean and will meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Fire-bellied Toad, a Red-foot Tortoise, a Sinaloan Milk Snake, a New Caledonian Giant Gecko and a White Chinchilla.


Rainforest Rendezvous

Join Animal Embassy on a journey through the four major tropical rainforest regions of the world! We’ll explore the layers of a rainforest and meet Animal Ambassadors representative of rainforest regions around the globe. We will discuss the significance of rainforests to our everyday lives, and learn how they supply many of the foods we eat, and medicine we need. Meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Chinchilla, a Jungle Carpet Python, a Red-foot Tortoise, a Red-eyed Tree Frog, a Solomon Islands Monkey-tailed Skink and an Eclectus Parrot.

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