Preschool Program Offerings

All programs listed below can be presented independently, or as part of a series. We can tailor a class or series to dovetail with your curriculum and schedule. Many of these classes can be adapted for “Mommy and Me” and other preschool oriented classes.

With a series of four-five visits, we typically start by learning about the characteristics that fit an animal into a group, as well as those that distinguish them as individuals. As the year progresses, we explore the ways that each creature fits into a particular habitat, where these places are, and the skills/adaptations each animal has to succeed in their natural environment.

Our Director travels around the globe photographing wildlife in their natural habitats, while discovering diverse cultures. Photography, stories and artifacts from these adventures are often utilized in our programs. In the interest of exploration and connecting children with animals in their natural settings, the culminating experience for many of our schools is a field trip to the forest, pond or coast.

For two-year old classes, we typically start in the second half of the year.

Please click on the menu below for descriptions of program options:

Animal Rescuers Halloween Creatures & Critters
Fascinating Frogs Terrific Turtles
Leapin’ Lizards Snakes of the World
Amazing Mammals Birds of a Feather
Tools for the Job Where do you live?
What are you good at? Our Wild Neighbors
Land Vs Water Preparing for Winter
Nighttime in the Animal Kingdom Life Under the Surface
Life in the Trees Life in the Desert
Life in the Rainforest Digging Into Nature
Metamorphic Mystery What Would You Eat?
Five Senses

Animal Rescuers

Children will explore what it means to be an animal rescuer. We will discover the differences between a domestic pet and animals which are found in the wild. We will also discuss the importance of being gentle, kind and caring towards all living things as well as why it is best for wild animals to live in their natural habitats rather than in a house. We’ll meet Animal Ambassadors such a domestic Rabbit, a Box Turtle, a Red-foot Tortoise and an African Fat-Tailed Gecko.


Halloween Creatures & Critters

With this special Halloween program, Animal Embassy will help children to turn fear into respect & appreciation by learning about animal behavior and appearance. We will discuss predators such as wolves and bears, and discover how snakes, spiders and scorpions look from the inside out. We'll discuss how animals look and how their appearance helps them to survive. While meeting a diversity of creatures such as a ChileanRose Hair Tarantula, an Emperor Scorpion and a Sinaloan Milk Snake, we will learn to celebrate the diversity of all living things.

Fascinating Frogs

Children will meet an incredible diversity of live frogs while exploring the concept that frogs come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. We will learn that like humans, frogs also speak many different languages and each species has its own distinctive call. We’ll meet Animal Ambassadors such as an Australian White’s Tree Frog, an African Bullfrog, a Green Tree Frog and a Gray Tree Frog.

Terrific Turtles
From land to sea, children will learn the difference between a tortoise and a turtle as well as discover that some animals can live on land and water. This will further their understanding of habitats, diversity and different strategies of land-based and aquatic animals. Children will meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Red-foot Tortoise from South America, an Eastern Box Turtle and a young African Sulcata Tortoise.

Leapin’ Lizards
Whether walking up walls, swimming, climbing trees and leaping from place to place, these enigmatic creatures come in many forms. Children will meet a variety of lizards from around the world as we learn that animals eat a variety of things. We'll discover what makes a balanced diet for them and what helps each one to deal with the challenges they face in their natural habitat. We’ll meet Animal Ambassadors such as a New Caledonian Giant Gecko, an African Fat-Tailed Gecko, a Chinese Water Dragon and a Crested Gecko.

Snakes of the World
These often misunderstood creatures come in an incredible diversity of colors and sizes. Children will learn to respect these incredible creatures and understand that looking different is not a bad thing and that all animals have a “job” to do as well as play an important role in the habitats in which they live. Children will learn that like many other creatures, snakes are on their own at birth. With no need for an education, these animals are born with what they need to take care of themselves. We'll meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Milk Snake, an Indian Sand Boa, a Carpet Python and a California King Snake.

Amazing Mammals
For the softer side of nature, children will meet a variety of Animal Ambassadors such as a Ferret, a Chinchilla, a Rabbit and more. Whether fur, feathers, fins or scales, animals have a variety of things they “wear.” Children will learn that like us, our furry friends take care of their offspring to teach them all the things they need to know to succeed.

Birds of a Feather
These winged marvels capture the hearts and imaginations of most children. Animals have many means of locomotion; birds have one of the most amazing of all - flight. With nests, feathers, eggs and live birds, children will come to know these winged marvels as we meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Lovebird, an Eclectus Parrot and an Indian Peahen.

Tools for the Job (Animal Adaptations)
All animals are unique and have characteristics that help them to get the things they need to survive: food, shelter, water, oxygen and space. Teeth, claws, quills, shells, suction cups - we all need the right tools for the job. Children will become familiar with some of the tools we, as humans, use on the job. They will then compare  our tools to what animals have in their “tool box.” Pictures of different professionals will help us to identify tools needed by firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors and postal carriers. We'll meet Animal Ambassadors such as a South American Chinchilla, a Monk Parakeet, a Solomon Islands Monkey-Tailed Skink and an Eastern Box Turtle.

Where do you Live? (Animal Habitats)
Children will learn a little geography and come to understand that like the animals, we all come from some place and we all live somewhere. Where do we live: in a house, on a street, in a town, in a state, in a country, on the Earth? Are any of us from far-away places? We will meet examples of animals from a variety of habitats around the world such as an African Fat-Tailed Gecko or New Caledonian Giant Gecko, a Soft-Shelled Turtle (Pancake Turtle), a Green Tree Python, and a South American Chinchilla. We will discover that some animals live underground, in a tree, on the land or in the water.

What are you good at?
Through individual characteristics, animals survive in myriad places. Meet camouflage “artists,” and amazing animal “gymnasts” such as a Solomon Islands Monkey-Tailed Skink, an African Hedgehog, a Green Tree Python and more. We'll also learn about some of our own best skills and attributes. We all excel at different things!

Our Wild Neighbors (North American Wildlife)

Children will explore the diversity of local wildlife we might find right in our own backyard! We’ll discuss the difference between a pet and an animal that lives in the wild. We’ll meet animals indigenous to North America such as an Alligator Snapping Turtle, a King Snake, a Rabbit, and a Gray Tree Frog. We will explore their differing habitats as well as learn how animals from other parts of the world have come to call the United States home.

Land Vs Water
Meet a variety of animals that live on land, as well as their relatives that live very different lives under water. Children will explore what it means to have gills and will learn about which animals can hold their breath the longest. We'll learn about floating vs sinking, and we'll discover other adaptations that help these creatures to live beneath the surface or on dry land while we meet Animal Ambassadors such as an Axolotl, a Soft-shelled Turtle (Pancake Turtle), a Monk Parakeet and a Ferret.


Nighttime in the Animal Kingdom

Children will take a nighttime journey through the fascinating night life of the animal kingdom! With this captivating program, we will help children to understand the differences between “nocturnal,” “crepuscular” and “diurnal” animals (animals that are active at different times of the day) by providing live examples of each. We'll discover what these amazing creatures do while we are tucked tightly in our beds dreaming! Many nocturnal critters have highly developed senses of hearing and smell, and specially adapted eyesight to help them navigate with the light of the moon and the stars . . . We will explore the night-time activities and adaptations with live Animal Ambassadors such as a Red-eyed Tree Frog, a Ball Python, an African Hedgehog and a New Caledonian Giant Gecko.


Life Under the Surface
It’s another world down there. Sink or swim, an underwater life is full of challenges and sure to produce some surprises. Turtles, sea stars, sea urchins, crustaceans, and fish are just some of the creatures you may see in this popular class. Webbed feet, flippers, fins and tails are just some of the tools of the trade when you live beneath the surface. We'll meet Animal Ambassadors such as an Alligator Snapping Turtle, an Axolotl, a Soft-shelled Turtle (Pancake Turtle) and a Salamander. 

Life in the Trees

It’s the arboreal life for some. Meet a lizard that changes color, a frog with suction cups, a marsupial that can glide, and a snake with a prehensile tail. Children will understand the value, beauty and diversity of tree-dwelling creatures and will meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Red Eyed Tree Frog, a Green Tree Python and an African Lovebird.

Life in the Desert
Discover the amazing creatures that live in the desert - one of the harshest places on Earth. To the animals that live there, the desert is home. We'll meet a prickly Hedgehog, an Indian Sand Boa, a Sulcata Tortoise and a Scorpion. The animals will help children to appreciate the difference between hot & cold and wet & dry. 

Life in the Rainforest

With four distinct layers to the forest, and trees three times our largest, the rainforests of the world are host to the majority of life on this planet. This mystical place comes to life with our live Animal Ambassadors as we explore the layers of a rainforest and meet animals representative of rainforest regions around the globe. We’ll meet amazing rainforest creatures such as a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, a beautiful Green Iguana, a Jungle Carpet Python, a baby Red-Foot Tortoise and a South American Chinchilla.


Digging Into Nature

Animals dig into the surface of the Earth for many reasons. In nature, many of these creatures are contributing to the success of others by creating homes for them, tilling the soil, and in some cases even planting the seeds of important plants and trees. Some dig to lay their eggs, others to find or hide food, many to escape the extremes of heat and cold, while some are permanent underground residents. Children will meet a young African Sulcata tortoise, an Indian Sand boa, a Soft-shelled Turtle, and a Ferret as we explore the subterranean realm and some of the animals that call it home. 

Metamorphic Mystery

Insects and amphibians have an amazing common bond . . . the incredible change of life called metamorphosis. With a variety of live amphibians and insects, children will meet real life examples of creatures that go through this fascinating transformation. With Animal Ambassadors such as an Axolotl, a giant African Bullfrog, a local Spotted Salamander & Eastern Newt and a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, children will learn about the wonders of these animals' incredible life cycles.

What Would You Eat?

Not only humans have discerning tastes – animals do too! Children will learn about the many & varied foods that our Animal Ambassadors eat. We’ll meet a banana-eating Red-foot tortoise, an Argentinian Horned Frog who favors insects and Chinchillas who have a craving for craisins. We will also prepare a special salad for our Animal Ambassadors to eat.

Five Senses
With a curious group of Animal Ambassadors, children will discover that there are some similarities and distinct differences between the way we “see” the world and the way our animal neighbors do. Knuffle Bunny will help us to learn about our ears and a Chinchilla, will help us to learn about whiskers and a sensitive touch. A Guatemalan Milk Snake, will help us to learn about our tongues, and the nocturnal Leopard Gecko will help us to learn about the beauty and value of eyes.


Preparing for Winter

Animals prepare for winter in a variety of ways. Some animals migrate, some get new fur coats, some hibernate and some store food to last through the winter. We will explore the ways in which different animals prepare for the challenges of the winter season while meeting Animal Ambassadors such as a Rabbit, a Ferret, an African Bullfrog, and an Axolotl. 


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