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North American Wildlife
Students will be introduced to a diversity of Animal Ambassadors indigenous to North America. We will meet animals such as an Alligator Snapping Turtle, a Soft Shelled Turtle, a King Snake, a Rabbit, and a domestic Rabbit. We will explore their differing habitats as well as learn how animals from other parts of the world have come to call North America home. Also included are our director’s incredible images of North American wildlife including the Grizzly Bear & Black Bear, the Banded Rock Rattlesnake, and Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains.

South American Adventure
Take an exciting look at the incredible and varied wildlife of South America. Meet a variety of animals representing diverse habitats and reflecting the amazing diversity of life on Earth. Discover how these creatures adapt to the unending challenges in their own unique ways, and see some of the unique strategies that have helped animals to survive in their particular environments. Meet South American Animal Ambassadors such as a Spectacled owl, a Red-foot tortoise, a Red-eyed tree frog, chinchillas, and a Boa constrictor. Explore the Pantanal region of Brazil with amazing photographs and stories. Students will view images of one of the world’s largest wetlands, including photos of Jaguars, Giant otters, Toucans, Hyacinth macaws and Caimans.

African Adventure
Take an exciting look at the incredible wildlife of this sometimes volatile region. The trip starts with the wildebeest and zebra migrations in Kenya, travels overland into Uganda to see chimpanzees and ends in the mountains of Rwanda with giant gorillas. On this journey, students will see some of the most critically endangered species of the world and the challenges and successes associated with their preservation and conservation. Explore the region with amazing photographs, artifacts and stories. Meet a diversity of Animal Embassy's African Animal Ambassadors such as an African hedgehog, an African bullfrog, an African Royal python, and an African Sulcata tortoise.


The natural world is comprised of a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Like a behind-the-scenes crew for a colossal production, they all help to keep life in the balance. Changes in the environment may result in the survival, or endangerment, of many species. With live Animal Ambassadors, we will examine the structural and behavioral adaptations which have enabled these creatures to survive in their ever-changing habitats. We will discover that as we explore the living world around us, we can understand that from the smallest of creatures to the largest, all animals play a role in the success of the entire habitat in which they live. Students will interact with live Animal Ambassadors such as a Spectacled Owl, an African Sulcata Tortoise, an African Bullfrog, South American Chinchillas and a Solomon Islands Monkey-Tailed Skink.

Snakes of the World

These often misunderstood creatures come in an incredible diversity of colors and sizes, and represent a number of amazing habitats from all across the globe. Students will learn to respect these incredible creatures through an understanding of their unique anatomy and their important role in the habitats in which they live. Students will learn that like many other creatures, snakes are on their own at birth. With no need for an education, these animals are born with what they need to take care of themselves. We'll meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Milk Snake, an Indian Sand Boa, a Carpet Python and a California King Snake.


Boundless Biomes

Animal Embassy will help students to develop an understanding of the relationship between weather, climate, plants and animals. Students will see with their own eyes some of the amazing ways animals have adapted to life on Earth. With digital images, wildlife artifacts and live animals from around the globe, students will learn about rainforest, tundra, desert and temperate forest. Meet Animal Ambassadors such Taiga the Eurasian Eagle Owl representing the boreal forest, an Alligator Snapping Turtle from a wetland ecosystem, Chinchillas who live in a mountain habitat, an African Sulcata Tortoise who lives in a desert habitat, and more.


Zoologically Speaking

Animal Embassy will bring the scientific study of Zoology to life with a variety of animals from around the globe, representing numerous habitats and classifications. All animals play an important role in their environment. Animal Embassy will uncover some of the mysteries of animal biology as we learn about classifications and habitats, as well as explore the life of a zoologist. Students will meet Animal Ambassadors such as giant White’s Tree Frogs, a Spectacled Owl, an Indian Sand Boa, Chinchillas and a large Green Iguana.

Anatomy of Fear

Students will learn about the origins of fear, while meeting incredible live Animal Ambassadors. We’ll turn fear into respect & appreciation by learning about animal behavior and appearance. We will discuss predators such as wolves and bears, and discover how snakes, spiders and scorpions look from the inside out while meeting a diversity of creatures such as a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula, an Emperor Scorpion, a Sinaloan Milk Snake, a Boa Constrictor and an Axolotl.

Life on the Edge: Endangered, Introduced & Invasive Species

In our ever-changing world, human activity can affect the delicate balance of our ecosystem. With this program, we will discuss some of the human activities which threaten the environment as well as the wildlife living within impacted habitats. We will consider how we can decrease such negative environmental effects, as well as explore the meaning of habitat loss & destruction, the exotic pet trade, and human demand for luxury commodities. We will examine the effects of introduced & invasive exotic species, as well as their impact on an ecosystem. Students will interact with  live Animal Ambassadors such as a Solomon Islands Monkey-Tailed Skink, South American Chinchillas, an Argentine Black & White Tegu or a large Green Iguana, a Monk Parakeet and a Red-foot Tortoise.

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