Creating Kindness Through Creatures

Creating Kindness through Creatures

An Anti-Bullying Program with Live Animal Ambassadors

Whether they have fur, feathers, fins or scales, animals come in many different forms, just like their human counterparts. Long, tall, big or small, we are all important to the world that surrounds us. Students will learn the importance of appreciating our similarities as well as celebrating our differences, while meeting a diversity of live Animal Ambassadors. As we discuss our role as Animal Rescuers, we will explore the significance of respect for all living things. While interacting with Animal Ambassadors such as Kumbia the Red-Foot Tortoise, Leche the Guatemalan Milk Snake, Hairy the Long Haired Rabbit & Solomon the Solomon Islands Monkey-Tailed Skink, we will discover the value each creature has in its natural environment, and how its appearance and behavior help it to survive. On this special journey, we will draw parallels with our own lives and discover how we too play an important role in our community. Animal Embassy enables students of all ages to connect with the natural world, while learning the importance of kindness and tolerance with this unforgettable, interactive live animal presentation.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Critical thinking will be encouraged: students will learn that all living things deserve respect as they discover why each creature appears, moves, eats and behaves in the manner it does. This model helps children to understand why we should respect all of our human counterparts.
  • We will pledge to treat others with kindness.
  • We will promise to do our best to make our communities safe for all living things.

An innovative & interactive approach to addressing anti-bullying issues and fostering a positive school climate.

Presentation Format: Assembly or Individual Class Workshops.

Available for Grades K-12.


“Creating Kindness through Creatures provided an experience for our students that generated important connections between animals in their habitats and our communities. The focus of the assembly was in helping kids continue to develop capacities of kindness, acceptance and empathy. We don't call the reptiles slimy or gross. We appreciate their differences.”

Luke Forshaw, Ed.D


Ox Ridge Elementary School

Darien, Connecticut

"Animal Embassy brought a breath of fresh air to our continuing conversation on bullying and empowered our scholars to be kind, compassionate and understanding of all. Creating Kindness through Creatures at Cloonan has challenged and helped students grasp their responsibility to help others, release their creative potential, and create a community of caring. We look forward to an annual presentation. Thank you!”

Laureen Mody

Assistant Principal Cloonan Middle School

Stamford, Connecticut

“Animal Embassy has always taught children the importance of respect for nature and all living things. The message in Creating Kindness through Creatures has been carefully crafted as a result of many years of listening to and learning from children. Chris Evers, his team, and the Animal Ambassadors connect their message of care and respect for animals to care and respect for each other, their schools and their communities. In today’s world, I can’t think of a more important message.”

Eileen Ward

Executive Director

Children’s Community Development Center, Westport, Connecticut

Member, 100+ Women Who Care of Fairfield County

“Creating Kindness through Creatures is a non-threatening, fun and exciting program which demonstrates for students the concepts of global diversity, kindness and tolerance. With a discussion about the diversity of the animal kingdom and how animals contribute to their habitat, students learn how diversity can also make our community stronger. Students are encouraged to see the differences in each other & learn what they mean, as they begin to understand how each of us is unique and should be valued and respected.”

Carrie Chiappetta, Ed.D

Former Director for School Improvement & Professional Development - Secondary

Stamford Public Schools, Stamford, Connecticut


“Creating Kindness through Creatures” was great! It showcased an innovative and yet intuitive way to reach students. By learning about the animals, we also experience an empathy component that allows us to see each other in a different perspective."

Frank Rodriguez


KT Murphy Elementary School

Stamford, Connecticut

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