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The Future of the Monarch Butterfly: What Can We Do?
Animal Embassy will present the amazing migration of the Monarch butterfly. Explore the incredible lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly and learn about the challenges & threats faced by this beautiful insect, as well as what we can do to make a difference. We will also discover the vibrant colors and patterns of several live Animal Ambassadors, including a Sinaloan Milk snake, a Blue Poison Dart frog, Red-eyed tree frogs and a Day gecko. We’ll learn how colors can send a warning to potential predators, attract a mate or regulate an animal’s temperature. Also, we will find out how patterns aid an animal with camouflage and with mimicry of more dangerous species.

2015 Summer Reading Program
Heroes of the Animal Kingdom
With this interactive, educational and entertaining program, library patrons will meet a diversity of animals who lead heroic lives! While firefighters, doctors, librarians and police officers are heroes who work to enrich our lives and support us, animals too are heroes that help us as well as each other. We’ll explore how a variety of animals keep us healthy by eating disease-carrying insects. Learn how some tortoises dig burrows that provide homes for hundreds of other species during at least one stage of their lifecycle. Discover how some animals dig trenches for their offspring, while others adopt orphaned babies. We’ll also discuss how animals help to plant forests as well as fruit trees! Meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Solomon Islands Monkey-tailed skink, a Red-foot or Sulcata tortoise, Green Tree frogs or Red-eyed Tree frogs, an African bullfrog, a Bull snake, Chinchillas, a Chilean Rose Hair tarantula and perhaps an Eclectus parrot or an Owl!

Zoology for Kids
Animal Embassy will bring the scientific study of Zoology to life with incredible live Animal Ambassadors! With this interactive, educational and entertaining program, children will meet a variety of animals from around the world, representing numerous habitats and classifications. Whether they have fur, feathers, fins or scales, animals come in many different forms. Long, tall, big or small, all animals play an important role in their environment. Animal Embassy will uncover some of the mysteries of animal biology as we learn about classifications and habitats in the animal kingdom, as well as discover the life of an animal scientist. We will meet Animal Ambassadors such as giant White’s tree frogs, an Eclectus parrot or Spectacled owl, a Green tree python or Emerald Tree boa, Chinchillas, a Pink-toed tarantula, an Argentine Black & White Tegu and/or a Solomon Islands monkey-tailed skink!

North American Wildlife
Children will be introduced to a diversity of Animal Ambassadors indigenous to North America. We will meet animals such as an Alligator Snapping Turtle, a Soft Shelled Turtle, an Arizona Mountain King Snake, a Rabbit, and a Sonoran Desert Toad. We will explore their differing habitats as well as learn how animals from other parts of the world have come to call North America home. Also included are our director’s incredible images of North American wildlife including the Grizzly Bear & Black Bear, the Banded Rock Rattlesnake, and Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains.

Colors & Patterns of the Animal Kingdom
Like people, animals come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The vibrant colors and patterns found in the Animal Kingdom show not only the beauty of all living things, but also serve to help animals survive in their habitats. Colors can send a warning to potential predators, attract a mate, regulate an animal’s temperature, or serve as evidence of an animal’s last meal! Patterns aid an animal with camouflage and with mimicry of more dangerous species. Children will learn about these diverse colors and patterns and what they mean and will meet Animal Ambassadors such as a Fire-bellied toad, a Blue Poison Dart frog and/or a Red-eyed tree frog, a Dwarf Reticulated python, a Leopard gecko and a chinchilla.

Spooktacular Animal Adventure

Meet some of the animals that haunt our dreams, make our "skin crawl," and the hair stand up on the back of our necks! We’ll discuss animals that are perfectly at home in the shadows & in swamps, and are on the prowl under the moonlit sky. Join us as we demystify these amazing creatures and help children to cross the line from fear to respect and appreciation. Animal Embassy will help families to see the beauty in these often maligned and misunderstood creatures. We will showcase Animal Ambassadors such as a Pink-toed Tarantula, an Emperor Scorpion, a Sinaloan Milk snake, a Boa constictor and more "spooktacular" animals in the spirit of Halloween!


Animals on the Move
Like humans, animals have many methods of locomotion. We get from place to place by walking, running, flying on airplanes and driving in cars. Some of us use other methods to move around such as wheelchairs, scooters and bicycles. Animals too have a variety of ways to get where they need to go! Animals swim, glide, dig, slither, climb, jump and hop. They move for many reasons such as to find food and to escape predators. The ability to move is often essential to their survival. With this program, we will meet Animal Ambassadors representing different methods of locomotion such as a Sugar glider, an Alligator Snapping turtle, a Eurasian Eagle owl, a Red-eyed tree frog, an Indian Sand boa and a rabbit!

Photo Credit: The Lewisboro Ledger
Animal Olympians

Imagine what requirements would need to be met if there were an Animal Olympics! Children will meet Animal Ambassadors with amazing adaptations and special attributes which would make them worthy Olympic team members. An Olympic climbing race would feature the Emerald Tree boa, Solomon Islands monkey-tailed skink or a White’s tree frog ; digging Olympians might include a Sulcata or Red-foot tortoise, or an Argentine Black & White Tegu; and a dwarf Reticulated python or African hedgehog is our swimming gold medalist. These are just a few of the amazing “Olympians” we will meet!

Life in the Swamp
When we think about swamps, we often imagine slimy water and bugs! The truth is that swamps and marshlands are very important in the process of providing fresh water and oxygen to all life forms, and they provide breeding grounds for a wide diversity of animals. With this program, children will meet some of the animals that live in this wetland habitat with very slow-moving waters. Meet Animal Ambassadors such as an African bullfrog, an Alligator snapping turtle, a Burmese python and more! We will also discuss the importance of preserving our wetlands.

Alien Invaders!
With this program, we will meet several live “Alien Invaders!” Our “aliens” are animals that were once family pets, but somehow were released into the wild. We will learn about some of the challenges that these aliens face in foreign lands, as well as the problems they create. Children will meet a Burmese python, one of many Alien Invaders which have appeared in Florida; we’ll learn how this species came all the way from Asia to the sunshine state. Find out how Tuck, a Monk parakeet, a feathered friend who should live in Brazil, came to live wild in Connecticut. Discover how Cane toads made their way into the sugar cane fields of Florida and how Rain, a Green iguana came to be high in a tree in Bridgeport, Connecticut! Finally, we’ll uncover how a turtle called a “Red-eared slider” made it all the way from the southern U.S. to a pond in Greenwich, CT.

Digging Into Nature with Animal Embassy
Animals dig into the surface of the Earth for many reasons. In nature, many of these creatures are contributing to the success of others by creating homes for them, tilling the soil, and in some cases even planting the seeds of important plants and trees. Some dig to lay their eggs, others to find or hide food, many to escape the extremes of heat and cold, while some are permanent underground residents. Children will meet an African Sulcata tortoise, a Hognose snake, a Softshelled turtle, giant Cane toads, a ferret, large rabbit or hedgehog, a Mole salamander and more as we explore the subterranean realm and some of the animals that call it home. Dig in with Animal Embassy and uncover some of nature’s most amazing creatures!

Night-Time in the Animal Kingdom
Join Animal Embassy on this night-time journey through the fascinating night life of the animal kingdom! With this captivating program, we will help children to understand the differences between “nocturnal,” “crepuscular” and “diurnal” animals by providing exciting, live examples of each. Participants will discover what these amazing creatures do while we are tucked tightly in our beds dreaming! Many nocturnal critters have highly developed senses of hearing and smell, and specially adapted eyesight to help them navigate with the light of the moon and the stars . . . We will explore the night-time activities and adaptations with live Animal Ambassadors such as a Red-eyed tree frog, a Hedgehog, a Sugar glider, Ball pythons, a Rabbit or a Ferret, a Spotted salamander, a Tokay or Crested gecko, and more!

Rainforest Lullaby
Join Animal Embassy for a night-time voyage through the rainforest. After the sun sets in the rainforest, a new cast of characters arrives. Many animals try to lay low while night-time predators are on the hunt, and a symphony of sounds abounds in the rainforest! The jaguar roars; the owl hoots, the boa constrictor slithers through the trees in search or prey, the tarantula strengthens its web to ensnare many of the insects of the night, the tortoise burrows underground to escape the prowling jaguar, the sugar glider hunts for flies and other small creatures, the walking stick cleverly mimics the branch or plant it sits upon to avoid detection. Animal Embassy will bring the night-time story of the rainforest to life with living examples of its many jungle characters! Meet a Red-foot tortoise, a Pink-toed tarantula, a Boa constrictor, a Sugar glider and more!

Fascinating Frogs
What is it about frogs that so fascinates a child? With a perpetual smile on their face, frogs seem to make people grin as well! Animal Embassy will introduce an incredible diversity of live frogs while exploring the concept that frogs come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Participants will see some amazing colors with frogs such as Azul, the Blue poison dart frog. With Choncho, the rotund African Bull frog, children will learn that not all frogs excel at jumping, and that flies just can't satisfy the second largest species of frog. Also, meet a variety of tree frogs and understand that some frogs can not only jump, but can also swim, climb, and even glide through the air! And just as there are many languages spoken by people of the globe, each frog species has its own distinctive call. Finally, Fascinating Frogs will explore the amazing process of metamorphosis as we meet and learn about an incredible diversity of frogs from around the world.

Amazing Adaptations
Join Animal Embassy and incredible live Animal Ambassadors for this interactive, educational and entertaining presentation. Participants will meet a variety of animals from around the world, representing numerous habitats and reflecting the amazing diversity of life on Earth. Understand how habitats provide animals with all that they need to survive: food, shelter, water, air and space. Discover how animals have adapted to unending environmental challenges in their own unique ways. With live Animal Ambassadors, we will see some of these amazing adaptations. Meet tortoises, lizards, snakes and sugar gliders!

Talk to the Animals

Join Animal Embassy for this educational and entertaining program which will take children around the world with a unique group of rescued animals, representing diverse habitats. Animals have many ways to communicate; Animal Embassy will help children to interpret and even mimic some of them. Participants will learn to grunt like a hippo, roar like a lion, or trumpet like an elephant. We can learn a lot from our animal friends if we listen carefully and observe behavioral cues. Join Animal Embassy as we unravel some of the mysteries of animal communication. Meet live Animal Ambassadors such as frogs, a duck, Chinchillas, a Milk snake, a large Green iguana and more!

Rainforest Rendezvous
Join Animal Embassy on a journey through the four major tropical rainforest regions of the world through living examples of their diverse fauna. Discover the significance of these threatened ecosystems to our everyday lives and learn how rainforests fuel global weather patterns, provide modern medicines, are home to indigenous peoples and supply many of our fruits, nuts, spices, coffee and tea. Meet live Animal Ambassadors representative of rainforest regions around the globe such as a jungle Carpet python & babies, Red-foot tortoises & babies, a chinchilla family, Red-eyed tree frogs, a large Green iguana and a Spectacled owl! Animal Embassy enables children to connect with the natural world with this unforgettable, live animal presentation.

World Wildlife

With this program, children will take a journey around the globe and discover the fascinating diversity of life on Earth. Meet Animal Ambassadors such as Inca the Spectacled owl, whose origins are found in Peru, or Sydney, an Australian Eclectus parrot. Discover some amazing adaptations with a colorful Sinaloan Milk snake, an African tortoise, or perhaps a Red-foot tortoise family from South America. Children will be introduced to enigmatic frogs such as a Red-eyed tree frog, hailing from Central America, or an African bull frog (the second largest species in the world). For the softer side of nature, we’ll learn about a family of South American chinchillas or a Flemish Giant rabbit. We will explore the Ambassador’s diverse habitats as well as conservation issues and challenges they face. Animal Embassy enables people of all ages to connect with the natural world with this unforgettable, interactive live animal presentation!

India, Realm of the Tiger
Madyha Pradesh, India is one of the last strongholds of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Explore the culture, the wildlife and the people of this incredibly diverse country. Chris paints a beautiful picture with his stories and photographs. Digital slide presentation.

Manitoba, Canada: Artic Adventure
Polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. How is the ecosystem changing and what impact is this having on the wildlife? Join Chris Evers and enjoy some of his amazing images of polar bears and other arctic wildlife.

Florida Everglades, Ecological Melting Pot
The Florida Everglades has been deprived of the necessary flow to support it’s native flora and fauna. New threats are arriving from around the globe. Nile monitor lizards, Burmese pythons, giant cane toads, iguanas, countless fish, insects, plants and other exotic species have been introduced and are changing the face of this diverse ecosystem. Through digital photography and live animals, discover the amazing diversity of the Florida Everglades.
Digital slide presentation with live animals.

Central America, From the Depth of Belize to the Keys
Central America has an amazing past that has and will continue to shape the culture and environment of this tropical paradise. From unexplored Mayan caves to the beautiful keys, this is a land of beauty and mystery. Explore this fascinating country with Naturalist Chris Evers.
Digital slide presentation with optional live animal component.

Chincoteague/Asseteague, Island Biodiverity
Countless children have fallen in love with the wild ponies of Chicoteague and Asseteague Island. It is unknown how these stocky little horses originally arrived on these barrier islands where today they thrive. Endangered fox squirrels, sea turtles, snow geese, tundra swans, sitka deer, amphibians, snakes and turtles share this extreme and diverse island home. Naturalist Chris Evers made his first trip to the islands as a child and remains captivated by their wildlife and beauty. Join him for a photographic look.
Digital slide presentation with optional live animal component.

Alaska, A Naturalists Perspective
What do rainforests, icebergs, whales, and bears have in common? They all exist in South East Alaska. Naturalist Chris Evers has guided fishing, ecology, and kayak trips in Katmai National Park, and Tongass National Forest for the past thirteen years. Join him for a unique look at our last frontier.
Digital slide presentation.

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